Lori Elvrom’s childhood dream job was to be a teacher. She has been teaching ever since: as an older sister, a ballet teacher for preschoolers and young children, a high school English teacher and finally, a yoga instructor. In short, she loves to teach others and to help people find their confidence and to celebrate their unique capabilities. 

Lori earned an Associate of Arts degree from Tacoma Community College before attending Pacific Lutheran University, where she earned a Bachelor of Education degree. She taught at Gig Harbor High School before accepting a position at Curtis Senior High School, where she has been teaching for 20 years. She loves living and working in University Place! 

Needless to say, being a mother of three and a full time teacher took priority at the cost of Lori’s health- there simply never seemed to be enough time to focus on self care and a healthy lifestyle. All of this changed in 2013, when a medical emergency prompted her to prioritize her own health. She found an amazing community of supportive and inspiring women at Figures, rediscovered her strength and took an active role in changing herself, physically and mentally. A chance yoga class ignited a fire within her and it became her new passion. 

After practicing yoga for two years, Lori jumped at the opportunity to become a yoga instructor. She completed her 200 hour yoga teacher certification in 2015 and began teaching yoga classes at Figures, the YMCA and at various Metropolitan Parks locations in UP and Tacoma. 

Lori’s philosophy is that everyone has a “yoga body”. She believes that practicing yoga is less about achieving the “perfect” pose and more about each person discovering what works for his/her/their own unique bodies, within the practice of yoga. Modifications, a touch of humor and not taking oneself too seriously are effective ways to make yoga less intimidating and accessible to everyone.