Heather Lai


Hello, Friends!

My name is Heather! I am originally from a small town in Iowa, but moved to Rochester, Minnesota for 6 years after meeting my husband. I graduated from Iowa State University with a degree in Event Management, but quickly discovered my passion for fitness in an elective bodybuilding class. The corporate event planning world left me feeling empty, so I circled back to my greatest passion: personal training. My husband is a travel nurse, so we spontaneously escaped the Midwest to explore what the west coast has to offer, and landed here in Washington!

I love training because of the connections I am able to make with my clients. There is nothing better than deeply connecting with them and cheering them on to reach their goals! I have a passion for helping my clients overcome gym anxiety, and there is no greater feeling than seeing someone’s confidence skyrocket as their knowledge in the gym grows. 

I am passionate about abolishing toxic diet culture, and educating others about science-based research in a world of misinformation within the social media realm. I am also a natural competitive bodybuilder, and enjoy proving to others that weight lifting won’t make you “bulky” 🙂

Outside of the gym, I love hiking, camping, longboarding (anything outside!) with my husband and our two dogs, Miso and Nori.