Emily Mishko


Hey, I’m Emily! The gym is my safe haven away from the “real” world, and I’m here to make it a safe space for you too. Stepping out onto the floor in front of other people can be a terrifying experience— but it doesn’t have to be. My goal as a trainer is to help you see that you’re as worthy of taking up space in this gym as anyone else. No matter your experience, size, or shape, you deserve to be here.

I began working out in the gym in 2016, the year that I stopped playing collegiate lacrosse. Through trial, error, and quite a bit of education, I moved through a variety of exercise styles. In the last seven years I’ve spent time speed/endurance training, resistance training, strength training, and focusing on fat loss and muscle building. In 2021, I became NASM certified. In 2022, I graduated from Western Governors University with my Bachelor’s degree. Now, let’s get you out there and let’s start reshaping your body and mind!