Training Philosophy: 
Work smarter, not harder. I focus on how to overcome dietary obstacles that are keeping clients from their goals, in combination with proper fitness assignments and routines.

ISSA Elite Personal Trainer, ISSA Nutritionist, ISSA Fitness Coach. National certs in First Aid, CPR, and Pathogens.

Brianne is on loan to us till she leaves for Arizona in the fall. She originally grew up in the Gig Harbor area and was home schooled from K-12th grade. She graduated high-school at the age of 16 and became a professional fitness trainer at the age of 19. She has over ten plus years of experience. She recently came back into the fitness world after fighting cancer and being years away. She understands more than most, the importance of how healthy eating and regular training can play a huge role in battling illness and saving lives. Brianne was also a volunteer firefighter and is actively testing/ pursuing several Fire depts in AZ. Her goal is to eventually become a Fire Marshal in Arizona