Training Philosophy: 
I am dedicated to creating a supportive community for women to empower each other in order to build a physique strong enough to match the power within us. I see extraordinary value for all ages in training via strength and conditioning utilizing modalities such as TRX suspension, kettlebells and barbells.

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Alex Moss spent her childhood in the town of Bloomington, IN dancing ballet, playing softball, and performing trapeze in local circuses. Her college education in psychology and health science provided her with the foundation necessary to fully immerse herself into health and fitness. Her personal struggles with chronic injuries stemming from congenital hip impingement have proven a gift for her eventual career in the fitness industry: Years of working with highly qualified physical therapists to remedy related musculoskeletal imbalances led to a broad understanding of corrective exercise for the multitude of functional losses and reduced activities of daily living that can occur from deconditioning and chronic injury.